Malicious Prosecution

If you have been subjected to a law suit that has no legal basis you may have a claim for malicious prosecution. Call our office for a free in person appointment to discuss your case. We do not charge to review a client's case.

Being the victim of malicious prosecution is an extremely disconcerting and emotionally frustrating experience. Under California law, victims of malicious prosecution have the right to seek compensation for the financial damages that result from being wrongfully dragged into court.

Malicious prosecution cases are difficult to win because there is a strong public policy not to limit or restrict a person's access to the courts. A response to suing for malicious prosecution is always to be confronted with an Anti-SLAPP motion filed by the other side.

An Anti-SLAPP motion requires the person who sued for malicious prosecution to demonstrate to the court that they already have the evidence to prove malice and to prevail at trial. It is not the type of case for an inexperienced attorney.

If you believe that you are the victim of a malicious prosecution, Contact our office today to speak with an attorney about your case. (760) 431-7771