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Unfortunately, fraud today is becoming more and more common. Victims of fraud can incur substantial losses, including personal or company assets. The most common fraud actions involve business fraud and real estate transaction fraud.

For fraud to be actionable, a statement or representation has to be knowingly false at the time it was made; the victim did not know the statement was false when it was made; the victim reasonably relied on the statement or representation; and the victim was damaged as a result.

Negligent misrepresentation is similar to fraud. The difference being that the person who makes the false statement or representation need not know it was false, but had no good reason or basis for believing the statement to be true.

Fraud can also result from concealment of important facts. The common examples are failure to disclose a defect in the sale of real estate; damage to goods; knowledge of extenuating issues that make the deal unprofitable; changed circumstances; side deals; undisclosed obligations, etc.

At the Law Firm of Business Law Group, we have extensive experience with fraud cases. We are well versed in litigation tactics that can be used against perpetrators of fraud and will work hard to see that those who perpetrated fraudulent practices against you are held accountable for their actions.

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