Attorney Malpractice

If you are concerned that you have not been properly represented by your attorney, call our office for a free in person appointment to discuss your case. We do not charge to review a client's case.

Attorney malpractice occurs in a couple of different ways. The attorney simply could have made a mistake. An example might be failing to properly draft a real estate sales agreement that protects the client. On the other hand, an attorney may simply do something inappropriate. Such as improperly withholding trust funds.

To win a case for attorney malpractice, two cases have to be won. The first case requires proving that the attorney actually made a mistake or intentionally did something to hurt the client. The second case requires proof that 1) had the attorney not made a mistake or taken advantage of the client, the outcome would have been better for the client and 2) that any additional damages would have been collectible.

It takes an experienced litigator to win a case of attorney malpractice. At the Law Firm Of Business Law Group, we have tried and won attorney malpractice cases. We can help you.

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