Protect Your Business

It's an unfortunate truth that people try to interfere with the business of others. Whether it's for competitive reasons or out of spite, the injured party has the right to pursue the recovery of his or her information and profits.

Business Law Group will be glad to act as your business litigation attorney when someone else has interfered with your contracts or opportunities. As leading trial and business lawyers in the San Diego area, we can offer our clients deep understanding of both law and industry. We always get things started with a free consultation and review of your case.

Wrongful acts such as Fraud to Divert Business or Misappropriating a Trade Secret qualify as contract interference. If you have a contract in place, and someone else who knows about it makes a point of interfering with its performance, you have certainly been wronged. If the interfering party manages to cost you profits, you are within your rights to recover lost profits. It is important to understand the difference between interference and competition, as simply competing as a business is not in any way illegal.

For business owners who have been impacted by intentional contract interference, Business Law Group is here to help you regain lost profits. When you have us acting as your business litigation attorney, you'll get the best of both a legal and business professional. Many people on our team have experience in fields other than law, and are familiar with your particular industry.

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